Tapered Nozzle Adapter
Tapered Nozzle Adapter
Tapered Nozzle Adapter in useTapered Nozzlewith On-Off Adapter
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The Tapered Nozzle Adapter is needed for easier filling of the water impluse charge bladders and water tamp charge bladders that have a small PVC fill valve.

Attach Tapered Nozzle Adapter to a Single Shut-Off Adapter, aka on-off adapter, then to a hose. Slip nozzle into PVC valve, fit will be tight. Once the nozzle is secure in the fill valve, turn water on at faucet then turn on-off handle of Single Shut-Off Adapter to the ON position. On and off positions are shown on the adapter. When finished filling, turn handle of Single Shut-off Adapter to OFF position.

Pinch valve closed with one hand while removing Tapered Nozzle Adapterwith the other. Push cap of fill valve into the valve opening. Tape fill valve of bladder closed for added precaution.

The adapter is 2-1/2" in length, 1" I.D. with standard hose threads.
Length of adapter 2-1/2" long
Inside diamter at threaded end 1"
Outside diameter at threaded end 1-1/4"
Outside diameter at tapered end 5/8"
Material Rigid PVC plastic
Color Yellow
Features Benefits
Tapered end Fits small oral valves
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