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The E-Z Breach® family of products is designed for breaching structures such as locked or barricaded doors, walls, roofs and ceilings. Though more specifically these products are flexible, fillable, and/or inflatable bladders, commonly called breach bags or breach bladders.

Special weapons and tactic (SWAT) teams, other police units and military personnel frequently use breaching apparatus to gain entry into locked and barricaded buildings, where criminals, terrorists, hostages, drug caches and the like are located. SWAT teams routinely breach doors quickly by using battering rams, and/or explosive charges. Breaching devices can be employed singley or in combination to break the lock or hinges, or even to demolish the door frame itself.

It is a common practice using explosives to breach doors but it is challenging to fashion a charge sufficient to blow open a door without causing injury to the building occupants while minimizing damage to the property.

In recent years, law enforcement agencies have discovered that it is possible to shape a suitable charge through the combination of detonating cord and conventional intravenous bags (IV bags), plastic soda bottles or similar containers. Locating containers, such as IV bags, requires time, manpower and funds and there may be additional problems with handling and storage of  IV units or filled water bottles. Exposed to sunlight for an extended period of time, IV bags or water bottles, may become contaminated or the container itself may degrade due to the lack of UV (ultraviolet) inhibitors. In addition, time is required to assemble improvised devices for explosive needs, then there are the inconsistencies occasioned by the use of improvised water tamp charges and water impulse charges.

Explosive charges can be shaped and the blast wave concentrated by reinforcing certain areas surrounding the charge. A shaped charge, by design, focuses its energy into a narrow blast trajectory, making it very accurate and controllable. When size is added to that accuracy, the effect can be dramatic. The E-Z Breach® family was developed to shape an explosive charge and eliminate the inconsistencies encountered when using improvised devices; they are designed to be flexible, foldable, and easily portable which prevents previous inconsistencies, wasted time, manpower and funds. 

See our E-Z Breach® Bladders in action by the San Jose Bomb Squad in California https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dy1DN-lL3Hg



New World Mfg. Inc. has worked with a number of bomb squads testing the E-Z Breach® bladders. Their suggestions have been taken into consideration to design the very best breaching bladders on the market today. We offer a variety of sizes and shapes of water impulse and water tamp charge bladders that provide trained explosive breachers with products that have a variety of benefits, which include:

  • Minimal Fragmentation- reduced to nearly zero due to the lightweight, flexible PVC material which produces no dangerous projectile type fragmentation.
  • Reduced Preparation and Handling Time- can be prefilled and stored using minimal space.
  • Reduces Shipping Cost- bladders are lightweight and compact which saves money on shipping expenses.
  • Effective and Consistent Results- eliminates inconsistencies of improvised breaching devices.
  • Versatile- breach bladders can be used in a multitude of ways and are adaptable to a variety of targets.
  • Economical- cost effective, reduces manpower and funds compared with other breaching products on the market.

For detailed information and pictures on each of the available products, click on Products at top or bottom of  the page.

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