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New World Mfg., Inc.

New World Mfg., Inc. has been a family owned business for more than 40 years. Our small yet efficient factory is nestled between the coastal California redwoods and the beautiful Northern California wine county. Our company was established in 1971 with waterbeds as our primarily manufactured product. Over the years we have evolved into a custom fabricator of vinyl, rubber and urethane products.We manufacture all our products in house and have grown to incorporate a sewing department, machine shop and a linings division. We have developed medical and veterinary teaching products, custom airbeds, a patented pontoon boat as well as our E-Z Breach® family of breaching bladders.

In 2000 New World was approached by a local law enforcement agency to design a IV type breaching bag. After several years of prototyping the E-Z Breach® family was finally born. We now are able to offer an array of different breaching bladders as well the option to customize bladders for particular use. 

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