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E-Z Breach®
E-Z Breach®
E-Z Breach in filled, open positionPunch out holes Filled E-Z Breach bladderE-Z Breach bladders side-by-sideResultsE-Z Breach stacked bladderResultsE-Z Breach filled bladdersE-Z Breach, empty bladderE-Z Breach, filled bladderE-Z Breach bladder, filledE-Z Breach bladder, filled
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E-Z Breach® is a water impulse charge bladder for use with explosives in forced entry situations by SWAT teams or other police and military personnel. It replaces the need to improvise water impulse contact charges typically constructed from IV bags, plastic soda bottles or similar containers. It accepts a variety of explosives and is suitable for a wide range of targets including wood and steel doors, both outward and inward opening.

E-Z Breach® is extremely effective, convenient to fill, simple to use, multi usable and very economical. It delivers consistent results, reduces preparation and handling time to less than one minute which equates to more efficiency and lower labor cost.

E-Z Breach® opens and closes like a book, with a wide hinged center that allows for innercommunication between the two water chambers. It has a large angled fill spout with a soft snap-on lid, and velcro closure down the full length of the body. Overall size, unfilled and in a closed book position, is 7 1/2" x 14 3/4". It holds 77% of a gallon (2.92 liters) and weighs 7.15 lbs when filled. Top and bottom punch out holes allow for stacking of multiple units, positioning side-by-side or even layering. Can be filled with liquid, sand or a combination.

Every part of the bladder is tough yet flexible. Lightweight, PVC material, aka vinyl, produces no dangerous, projectile type fragmention, if fact, fragmentation is reduced to near zero.

Requires minimal storage space, less than one-half cubic foot for ten unfilled units. Easy storage of pre-made charges too. Fill from a hose or spigot, stand upright or lay flat. If laying flat, fill spout can be taped closed for added precaution.

DESIGNED WITH ALL THE FEATURES REQUESTED BY EXPLOSIVE BREACHERS, BOMB SQUADS AND SWAT TEAMS. TESTED BY SAME. E-Z Breach® should be used only by those personnel formally trained and experienced in explosive entry techniques and procedures.

Packed 10 per case, however, any quantity available.
Flat size, empty, open position 14 3/4" x 14 3/4"
Flat size, empty, closed position 7 1/2" x 14 3/4"
Weight, empty 11.2 oz
Weight, filled 7.15 lbs
Water capacity 77% gallon/2.92 liter
Color Black
Material, type PVC, aka vinyl; FDA recipe, UV stabilized
Material, thickness 30 mil
Fill valve Heavy-duty angled port 1-1/4" in diameter
Fill size, top to bottom, closed position 6" x 14" x 3 3/4"
Fill size, water chamber only, closed position 6" x 11 3/4" x 3 3/4"
Features Benefits
30 mil PVC Tough yet flexible, foldable, fillable and/or inflatable; minimal fragmentation
PVC fill valve Large, 1 1/4" opening for easy filling with liquid, sand or a combination; minimal fragmentation
Snap-on lid Soft, snap-on lid attached to valve; lid cannot be lost or misplaced; no projectiles, minimal fragmentation
FDA recipe PVC Can be used for drinking water if originally filled from a potable water source
Velcro closure Full length velcro closure 1" wide x 14" long
Punch out holes Top and bottom punch out holes allow for stacking multiple units, hanging side-by-side or layering
Large Capacity Holds over 3/4 gallon of water when filled
Unique Design Effective results; minimal storage required, reduces preparation and handling time, very versatile and economical
Patent # US 8,267,013B2 Unique features
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