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E-Z Breach® 1000 ml IV Bag
E-Z Breach® 1000 ml IV Bag
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E-Z Breach® 1000 ml IV Bag is a water impulse charge bladder for use with explosives in forced entry situations by SWAT teams or other police and military personnel. It replicates the effects of an impovised water impluse contact charges made using basic IV bags. It accepts a variety of explosives and is suitable for a wide range of targets including wood and steel doors, both outward and inward opening.

E-Z Breach® 1000 ml IV Bag is extremely effective, convenient to fill, simple to use, multi usable and very economical. It delivers consistent results, reduces preparation and handling time to less than one minute which equates to more efficiency and lower labor cost.

E-Z Breach® 1000 ml IV Bag measures 5¾ " x 11⅝" x 2¼" when filled, weighs a mere 2.8 lbs and holds appoximately 1000 ml of water or ¼ gallon. This bladder is primarly used for breaching doors. It is meant to be used in tandem with another of the same bladder with det cord in between and taped together. It can be secured using breacher's tape, or double-sided tape, which is applied to the target side of the bladder to secure it to the door. 

E-Z Breach® 1000ml IV Bag is manufactured from 12 mil frost clear PVC, aka vinyl, has a single PVC valve for filling and a screw on cap with an EPDM gasket that prevents water leakage. Every part of the bladder is tough, yet flexible and produces minimal fragmentation.

The bladder is very small when folded or rolled and requires minimal storage space but can also be stored filled. 

E-Z Breach® 1000 ml IV Bag should only be used by those personnel formally trained and experienced in explosive entry techniques and procedures, such as SWAT teams, military and police.
Size, empty 5¾ " x 11⅝"
Size, filled 5¾ " x 11⅝" x 2¼"
Weight, empty 1.8 oz
Weight, filled 2.8 lbs
Water capacity 1000 ml or ¼ gallon
Material type PVC, aka vinyl
Material thickness 12 mil
Material color Frost Clear
Fill Valve Heavy-duty 1" diameter threaded nozzle with red cap
Features Benefits
12 mil PVC Tough yet flexible, foldable, fillable and/or inflatable, minimal fragmentation
Color Frost clear, almost invisible against the target door
Fill valve Heavy-duty 1" diameter threaded nozzle with red cap
Unique Design Design is efficient and effective
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