E-Z Breach® Wide Gun Port
E-Z Breach® Wide Gun Port
Hole in wallFill bladder with tapered nozzleExample of charge on round bladder
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E-Z Breach® Wide Gun Port is a water tamp charge bladder for use with explosives in forced entry breaching by SWAT teams or other police and military personnel. It accepts a variety of explosives and is suitable for a wide range of targets.

The bladder is extremely effective, convenient to fill, simple to use and economical.

It is manufactured from heavy-duty 30 mil PVC, with a looped top which provides another means of attachment to the wall structure and provides added convenience in handling. It has a small PVC fill valve which requires a tapered nozzle or a tapered nozzle with an on-off handle for easier filling. A large 1-1/4" diameter angled PVC port provides a sturdy structure for pole placement. Minimal fragmentation.

Charge is taped to the back side of the bladder (side opposite the valve and pole holder) similar to the example shown of the E-Z Breach® Round Gun Port. Bladder is then filled with water using a tapered nozzle or tapered nozzle with on-off handle. Fill valve can be taped closed for added precaution and is recommended if stacking more than one filled bladder.

The water chamber of the E-Z Breach® Wide Gun Port bladder, when filled, measures 24" x 24" at the apex, width and length, with a diameter of 3". The breach bladder weighs 23 lbs and holds 2 1/2 gallons of water.


E-Z Breach® Wide Gun Port should be used only by those personnel formally trained and experienced in explosive entry techniques and procedures.
Size, empty 26 1/2" x 29 1/2"
Size, filled 24" x 24"
Weight, empty 2.05 lbs
Weight, filled 23 lbs
Water capacity 2.5 gallons
Material PVC, aka vinyl, potable grade, UV stabilized
Color Black
Pole holder Heavy-duty PVC angled port, 1-1/4" in diameter
Fill valve Small PVC valve, tapered nozzle or tapered nozzle with on-off handle needed for easy filling
Material thickness 30 mil
Features Benefits
30 mil PVC Tough yet flexible, foldable, fillable and/or inflatable, minimal fragmentation
PVC fill valve Small PVC valve, minimal fragmentation
Pole holder Large angled PVC port, 1-1/4" in diameter, provides a sturdy structure for pole placement, minimal fragmentation
Square shape Produces a larger gun port for better visability
FDA recipe PVC Can be used for drinking water if originally filled from a potable water source
Large design When filled, bladder measures 24" x 24" at the apex, width and length
Looped top Adds convenience in handling and provides another option for attachment
Unique design Design is efficient and effective. Patent Pending.
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