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E-Z Breach® Wide Gun Port
E-Z Breach® Wide Gun Port
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E-Z Breach® Wide Gun Port is a water tamp charge bladder for use with explosives in forced entry breaching by SWAT teams or other police and military personnel. It accepts a variety of explosives and is suitable for a wide range of targets.

The bladder is extremely effective, convenient to fill, simple to use and economical.

It is manufactured from heavy-duty 30 mil PVC, with a looped top which provides another means of attachment to the wall structure and provides added convenience in handling. It has a large 1" diameter threaded nozzle with a red cap and a small PVC fill valve, which requires a tapered nozzle or a tapered nozzle with an on-off handle for easier filling. 

The water chamber of the E-Z Breach® Wide Gun Port bladder, when filled, measures 24" x 24" at the apex, width and length, with a diameter of 3". The breach bladder weighs 23 lbs and holds 2½ gallons of water.


E-Z Breach® Wide Gun Port should be used only by those personnel formally trained and experienced in explosive entry techniques and procedures.
Size, empty 26½" x 29½"
Size, filled 24" x 24"
Weight, empty 2.05 lbs
Weight, filled 23 lbs
Water capacity 2.5 gallons
Material PVC, aka vinyl, potable grade, UV stabilized
Color Black
Large fill valve Heavy-duty, 1" PVC threaded nozzle with red cap
Small fill valve Small PVC valve, tapered nozzle or tapered nozzle with on-off handle needed for easy filling
Material thickness 30 mil
Features Benefits
30 mil PVC Tough yet flexible, foldable, fillable and/or inflatable, minimal fragmentation
Small PVC fill valve Small PVC valve, minimal fragmentation
Large PVC fill valve Large 1" diameter PVC threaded fill nozzle with red cap, minimal fragmentation
Square shape Produces a larger gun port for better visability
FDA recipe PVC Can be used for drinking water if originally filled from a potable water source
Large design When filled, bladder measures 24" x 24" at the apex, width and length
Looped top Adds convenience in handling and provides another option for attachment
Unique design Design is efficient and effective. Patent # US 8,267,013B2.
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